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Agricultual website templates

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Fishing and hunting Template

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For cattle farm

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Agriculture website templates

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Templates for agriculture

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Farming website templates

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agriculture templates

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Download agricluture templates

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Agriculture businesses

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agriculture business

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Online blogs

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11 templates found,Page 1 of 1 Pages

Agricultural Templates Designing Farming Sector Websites

Are you connected with the agriculture sector and are planning to have a website about your agro-products and services? Agricultural templates provide ready-made designs that can help you to build a website for your agri-business quickly and easily.

Agricultural templates provided by professional providers such as can ensure that your website is well-designed and of high-quality. Such templates with high-usability layouts can create websites which impact viewers positively.

Advantages of using agricultural templates for building your agribusiness website include:

  • Variety of Designs A wide choice of layouts and designs ensures that you can select the best template for your website. Some designs cater to specific agricultural sectors such as animal or cow farm and agro-products.
  • Aesthetic Appearance At, the designs of the templates are visually appealing, and especially relevant towards the agriculture sector.
  • User-friendly Design The agricultural templates at can help you create websites that are easy to navigate and user-friendly.
  • Standards Compliance The templates at this site have been created by professional web designers and developers. They follow the website usability and code standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • Easy Customisation You can download the templates and customise them with your own agriculture-related content. You can also decide to avail the customisation services provided by

Do you want to find out more about agricultural templates for websites? Read on for an in-depth look at design templates for agriculture-based websites. Find out how you can use such templates to create a website for your agro-products and services with minimal effort and time.

A Review of Agricultural Websites

The Internet has become a powerful informational and marketing tool. Today, it is necessary for businesses to have an online presence in the form of websites. The agriculture sector is no exception.

Agriculture-based businesses or agribusinesses can use the reach of the Internet to market their products to a wider audience. Government agriculture initiatives also use websites to disseminate information on farm products and techniques.

Some of the different types of agricultural websites available on the Internet are:

  • Government Agricultural Websites These sites are mainly informational in nature. They can give details regarding the sector in a country such as government policy, research studies, weather, consumer updates and latest agriculture news.
  • Agriculture News and Publications These sites deal solely in covering the latest happenings in the sector.
  • Agro-product Business or Farm Companies selling agricultural products can use their websites for marketing. A farm can also directly go online and sell its produce.
  • Agro-technology Firms Commercial research companies specialising in unique products such as hybrid seeds also use their websites to promote their patented agricultural produce and techniques.

Professional agriculture website templates can help in creating an online presence for your agribusiness easily and in a short time.

The Basics of Agricultural Templates for Websites

Website templates are readymade frameworks or models which you can use to build your site. The layout and design work is already done for you.

Agricultural templates are designed specifically for agro-product and news websites.

You may be the owner of an organic vegetable farm wanting to market your produce online through your own website. Or you may be a provider of farming equipment trying to reach farm owners worldwide. It may also be the case that you represent a research group with patents for new seeds and techniques.

In all the cases, agriculture templates can help you create a website for your purposes with great ease.

Such templates give you different layouts for placing your website elements as well as other design aspects such as text presentation style and relevant images.

What do Agriculture Web Templates Contain?

Lets take a look at some page elements that may be included in agriculture web templates.

  • Website Header The header usually contains the agribusiness logo and title. An agriculture website header can also contain a high-impact, relevant graphic such as images of the produce to be marketed.
  • Menu Bars This are navigational elements which help visitors in exploring the various sections of the website. For example, the main menu bar, which is displayed in all the pages in a website, can be used to easily access sections such as agro-product details and services. For many levels of menus, templates can also implement drop down menus.
  • Main Text Area The templates designs can give you an area where text descriptions for the page can be placed. The text presentation style would also be specified in the agricultural templates. Here you can include information about your farm or agriculture-related business.
  • Special Sections Templates may have layouts providing for special announcements or sections. For example, a cow farm website may have a special section where they can announce deals on dairy products. Informational websites can also use these special areas in agriculture templates for weather updates and announcements on latest agricultural data.
  • Footer The footer usually gives space for copyright terms for the information on the website. It may also include a plain text navigational menu.

Agriculture web templates may have designs for multiple pages for a website in a package. Apart from the home page, templates for the About Us, Products and Contact Us pages may be included in a single package.

For instance, if you have an organic vegetables farm and want to use templates for designing your website, you can opt for packages which provide integrated designs for the home page, About the Farm page, Organic Products page and the Contact Us page.

How Agriculture or Farm Templates for Websites Work

If you want to create a website for your farm or agro-product company, but do not have the time or extensive skills needed, templates can come to your rescue.

Heres a summary of how you can use agriculture or farm templates to create your agro-website.

  • Select Template Go through the selection of agriculture or farm templates for websites available on the Internet from experienced providers such as It is best to choose templates which are specifically designed for the agriculture sector as they will have relevant designs, images and layouts.
  • Download You can download appropriate template formats such as HTML, PSD or Flash. HTML templates contain the webpage HTML source code file, style sheets and images. PSD files contain the pure website design created using Photoshop without any source code included. Flash files can be used if you are planning a multi-media rich website. You can also download PowerPoint templates for presentations for your agribusiness.
  • Customise After download, you can customise the agriculture templates to include your own information. You can insert your own agribusiness logo, title, images and text description. For example, if you are marketing special seeds for farms, you can replace the generic text in the template with information regarding the advantages of using such farming seeds. HTML files can be easily edited using Microsoft FrontPage. For PSD templates, you need to use the Adobe Photoshop software and for Flash templates, the Adobe Flash software. You can customise the templates yourself, or opt for professional customisation services.

Do browse through the variety of agricultural templates for websites at! Download a free template sample and see how to take your farm or agro-product business online today with an aesthetic and impactful website!