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types of beer

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cheap beer

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make beer

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beer brands

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brewery supplies

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home brewery kits

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international beers

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cheap beer

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10 templates found,Page 1 of 1 Pages

Create Beer Websites with Brewery Templates

Are you a brewery owner planning to market alcoholic products through your own website? Do you run a pub and want to attract more customers by creating a website for it? Are you a retailer for alcoholic beverages such as beer and want to open an online beer store?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then brewery templates can help you in creating your alcoholic beverages business websites with minimal time and effort.

Brewery templates for websites provide readymade layouts and designs suited for the alcohol industry. All you have to do is download the templates and fill them with information about your pub or brewery.

With all the work already done for you by the brewery templates, you can take out the bottle of champagne to celebrate your alcohol website launch!

Brewery Templates from

There are plenty of Internet resources where you can download website templates for the brewery and alcoholic beverage business.

However, professional template providers can be the key to creating well-designed and high-impact websites. If your website can make a positive impression on prospective customers, this will increase the sales of your alcoholic products such as beer and wines.

When you download brewery templates from expert providers such as, your task of creating websites is made easier, without compromising on design quality. Here are some features of templates for brewery websites provided by

  • Large selection of templates for beer websites,
  • Professional website designs,
  • Standards-compliant HyperText Markup Language or HTML website code,
  • Template packages with designs for five webpages and
  • Templates for online banner advertisements.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to brewery templates. Learn how to use such templates to create websites for your alcoholic beverages business.

Types of Sites created with Brewery Website Template

Website templates offer different layout and designs for various types of online businesses and also for individuals.

In the context of the brewery and alcoholic beverages industry, lets review the types of websites that can be created by using such brewery templates.

  • Breweries Websites Manufacturers of beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks can have websites to market their products. The target audience of a brewery website would be other businesses, corporate and individual customers. A template used to create a brewery website would be designed to showcase the range of alcoholic drinks manufactured.
  • Pub and Hotel Bar Websites Independent pubs and bars attached to hotels can increase their customer base through an attractive and informative website. Such a website can include information such as types of alcoholic drinks available, entry and general prices as well as opening hours. A web template for a pub may provide layouts with special sections to include online banners for special discount announcements.
  • Online Beer Retail Stores An online store which specialises in selling alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine can use a brewery website template. Such templates may provide designs that show product listings of various alcoholic products such as beers. There can also be layouts for individual drink description webpages, and an online shopping cart. Templates geared towards online shopping carts would be able to provide webpage designs where customers can select the wine or beer that they want and pay for it using an electronic payment gateway.
  • Online Brewery Publications and Blogs Online publications reviewing latest beer, wine and other alcoholic products and giving updates on the latest happenings in this sector can use specially-designed templates for their websites. Company and individuals can also use blog templates for the alcohol industry to share information, news and reviews regarding various products. The blogging templates may be used in blog and content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla!

The layouts for each website type may differ according to the site purpose. A beer online store will have different webpage elements than a brewery blog. If you use professionally-designed brewery templates, you can be sure of design that caters to different functional needs of a website.

How to Use a Beer Template for a Brewery Website Learn by Example

To know how to use templates to create websites, lets consider the example of a brewery which manufactures beers. The business wants more people to buy its beers. The brewery is also seeking to attract corporate customers. Its goal is also to get the patronage of the pubs and bars and possibly export its beers products abroad.

For all the above business goals, the brewery needs to go online with a high-impact website that showcases their beer product range.

Such a brewery can go online with its own website in a remarkably short time and effortlessly by using a beer template. Lets see how:-

  • Select Template for Beer Website A beer manufacturer should choose a best-fit template to create a beer business website. It is best to select templates that have been designed by professional providers especially for alcoholic beverages websites.
  • Download Beer Template Templates are available in different file formats. HTML templates contain website source code in the files. Photoshop or PSD templates just contain the visual design of the website. Flash templates or FLA files are meant for websites that have prominent graphics, animations and other visual effects.
  • Customisation Brewery templates will give you a generic content for the website design. A beer brewery needs to customise or edit the templates and include its own logo, title and brand descriptions to create a unique website. HTML templates can be edited by using software such as Microsoft FrontPage. In case of PSD files, the Adobe Photoshop image editing software should be used to edit the files. Adobe Flash can be used to edit FLA file templates. A brewery website template can make it easy for a business owner to create a website for beers as only customisation is needed. Some template providers such as provide customisation services where they can help you place brewery logo, title and information about the various beer products manufactured.

Beer Website Template Packages - Designs for Various Webpages in a Site

A beer website template may contain a package of designs for all the required webpages. Providers such as provide designs for five webpages including the home page.

Some standard webpages for which designs may be included in a beer website template package are:-

  • Beer Brewery Home Page The home page would serve as an introduction to the brewery and its beers.
  • About the Brewery Page A template may include layouts for the About Us Page which has background information about the brewery.
  • Beer Products This page can include details about beer products including brands, ingredients and prices.
  • Contact Us A template may have a contact form for the brewery website along with information areas for addresses and phone numbers.

Well-designed brewery templates from expert providers such as can help manufacturers and retailers of alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine to create unique websites for their business.