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Charity organization templates

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Charity website templates

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Header for charity organization

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Child organization

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charity organization

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Child charity templates

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Templates for education

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Heart foundation charity

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Charity templates

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Automobile Company

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11 templates found,Page 1 of 1 Pages

Using Charity Templates for Nonprofit Organisation Websites

Charity templates offered by contain readymade designs for websites of nonprofit aid organisations.

By using charity templates for building websites, nonprofit aid agencies can cut down on the costs associated with hiring a web designer or developer.

It is said that the Internet has shrunk boundaries and brought the world closer. Being connected through the web has enabled the world communities to come together as a global village. High-speed Internet has made it easier for aid and nonprofit organisations to support charity initiatives in various countries around the world.

In order to attract donations for their charitable causes, nonprofit organisations need to reach out to a wider audience. They also need to convey information about their initiatives clearly.

Professionally-designed charity templates provide website designs and layouts that can have a positive impact on viewers. A well-designed template organises the website design in such a way that readers find it easy to grasp the main features of your charity and can easily make donations through the website.

Charity Templates for Websites from

Aid and social service organisations can find a variety of templates for designing their websites from Internet resources such as

Some features of charity website templates from are:

  • Specialised Templates - While there are numerous resources on the Internet offering website templates, what makes stand out is the availability of specialised templates for charity-related websites.
  • Professional Designs - These templates have been specially designed for nonprofit organisations by experienced website development professionals.
  • Usability Standards Compliant Websites - The websites created by using charity templates from the site follow usability standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The usability standards give guidelines on how to make a website user-friendly for a user.
  • Accessibility - The templates from the site also follow accessibility guidelines. This involves enabling the website to be scanned by devices such as a screenreader which helps visually-challenged people access site information.

Read on to find out more websites for aid agencies and how charity templates can help you develop the website for your nonprofit organisation.

An Introduction to Charity Websites

Aid and charitable organisations mainly help communities through special projects for the under-privileged. This could be in the form of scholarships, free schools, free medical checkup camps and other aid initiatives. The finance for these charity projects comes from individual and corporate donors.

We have often met representatives of charities coming right to our doorstep to ask for donations to support worthy causes. The donations can be made by buying specially-made gifts or cards. Direct money donations can also be made. Organisations also organise fund-raising events to collect money for projects.

With the advent of the Internet, a charity website has become necessary for social service organisations.

Charity websites can convey to the whole world information regarding the good work that is being done by a particular nonprofit organisation. Most importantly, such a website can be used to invite donations or sponsors for social service projects and the under-privileged.

The sheer reach that a website can have, makes it possible for charity organisations to raise more money and educate the public about their social service projects.

Features of Charity Website Templates for Nonprofit Organisations

In order to communicate their goals effectively and attract donations, it is important that the websites of nonprofit organisations are well-designed.

Aid organisations can use templates to build their own website and create an online presence.

A website template contains pre-designed layouts for webpages such as the home page and contact page. Charity templates have layouts and page design elements catering to the needs of nonprofit organisations.

Some features of professionally-designed charity website templates include:

  • Ready Website Layout and Designs Templates take care of the design and presentation aspect of a website for you. Templates specialising in websites for charity organisations would have layouts and look and feel corresponding to the purpose. For example, a charity website layout would include special sections for donation information.
  • Relevant Graphics and Images The templates may include graphics appropriate to the type of website. For example, if the charity website is about education projects for under-privileged children, you can select designs that have collages depicting children in schools.
  • Donation Information or Forms Charity-related templates can include a separate page design for online donation forms. Donation webpages enable philanthropists to make online payments to the charitable cause. Alternatively, information on how to make donations to the nonprofit organisation can be included in a separate webpage.

Charity Web Templates for Online Banners and Introductory Screens

In order to draw attention to a cause, more attention-catching web design elements can be used such as online banners and website introductory screens.

Online banners can be placed in different areas of a website. These banners can use a combination of images, text and visual effects to catch the attention of a viewer. Such website banners can be used for donation requests or when announcing the start of a new aid initiative.

High-quality graphical online banners are created using image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. If including animations and other visual effects, it is best to use Adobe Flash software for creating such banners.

For those who dont know how to use such software, charity web templates for online banners can be very useful. Flash-based banner templates already have all the Flash development work done for you. You just need to customise the content.

Similar charity templates can be used to create a complete multimedia-rich Flash introductory screen for your website. Also known as splash screens, these webpages include a Flash movie object showcasing your organisations social work and inspire viewers to contribute to the cause.

Working with a Charity Template

Developing a website for your aid organisation is a simple three-step process.

  • Select Charity Template Browse through the different templates available for charities from expert providers such as Select a template most appropriate to your needs.
  • Download You can choose to download the selected template in a required file format. HyperText Markup Language (HTML) templates include the website source code. Pure designs for charities are available in the form of Photoshop or PSD files. If you are opting for Flash-based websites, you can download Flash or FLA template files to develop your site. You can also download templates geared towards content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla.
  • Customise You can edit or customise the downloaded charity template to include information about your organisation and donation information. You can also replace the generic images with your own image or video files. Providers such as offer customisation services for templates as well.

To get an idea of it works, you can download a free sample template from Go ahead and download professionally-designed charity templates and create an effective website that can inspire people to contribute to your aid organisation.