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Classifieds for real estate

Template ID: adve1795
Category: Classifieds
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Job classifieds

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Category: Classifieds
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Real estate classified

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Category: Classifieds
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Car classifieds

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Category: Classifieds
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Templates for online shop

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Category: Classifieds
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Computer store

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Category: Classifieds
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real estate template

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Category: Classifieds
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Classified ad agency

Template ID: adve1743
Category: Classifieds
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Clasifieds automobile

Template ID: adve1768
Category: Classifieds
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Classifieds real estate

Template ID: adve1784
Category: Classifieds
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Classifieds for gift gallery

Template ID: adve1790
Category: Classifieds
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

11 templates found,Page 1 of 1 Pages

Classified Templates – Designing Ads Websites

Classified templates, offered at, can help you design user-friendly and effective ads websites. With website designs optimised for easy browsing of classifieds ads, the templates can ensure that buyers can find products on sale quickly.

With classified templates, you can create websites with search forms for products on sale, product listings, and individual item description pages.

The Internet has made it possible for numerous buyers and sellers of used and new products to place ads online in websites dedicated for the purpose. The classified ads website is giving the Sunday classifieds section in print newspapers as serious run for their money.

Are you planning to start a website which has classified ads for a particular product type such as cars or for general buying and selling of products? Or do you already manage such a website but feel that it could be redesigned for a more user-friendly experience? If yes, then look no further. A classified ads template from can help you!

Getting to Know Classified Templates – Creating Ads Websites

A website template is a design blueprint file which you can use a base to develop your site. It typically consists of complete layouts and presentation styles needed to design the look and feel of a website.

Templates can be specially designed for different types of websites with varying content subjects. There can be special design templates for the websites of the automobile industry or for the real estate sector.

Classified templates designs especially cater to websites which contain buyer and seller ads.

We have often scoured through the classifieds pages in our Sunday newspaper or in special ads publications. Suppose the same information could be available on the Internet in a single website. That’s exactly what a classifieds website achieves. It contains numerous ads from buyers and sellers of various old and new products, cars and even real estate.

Such a website needs to be designed so that the classifieds ads are displayed in an organised manner.

Classified templates provide layouts and presentation styles for the display of a large number of ads in a structured manner in a website.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to design such websites, it is best to use these templates.

Website templates not only provide visual designs, but can include HyperText Markup Language (HTML) code. HTML is the computer language which is used to build websites. They can also include programming languages such as PHP.

Let’s explore further about the design aspects of templates designed for classifieds ad websites.

Describing Classified Website Templates in Detail

Templates which provide designs for classifieds ads websites should be able to implement certain features such as:

  • Search Forms – A website having thousands of classified ads should have a search box where the user can select what type of product he or she is looking for. Templates can not only help you with the design of such search boxes but also help with the HTML and JavaScript code needed for such a search form. The search forms can have a drop down list of choices or can be based on keyword-input. For example, in classified website templates for cars, a drop down list in a search form can give options for car brand or model.
  • Search Results Listing Page – The results of the search form can be displayed in a separate webpage. A template for a search results web page provides a layout and design for the matching products listing. The listing can include brief product description such as brand name, years used and the price. The listing should be displayed in a user-friendly way, avoiding a cluttered look.
  • Grouped Category Listing – In this type of webpage design, a serious of product categories are displayed. A user can just click a particular category to see all the relevant classified ads. For example, in a website for jobs, classified templates can specify a design where clicking on a job location results in the display of all jobs in that particular location.
  • Individual Product Description Page – A user should be able to click a product on the listings and be directed to a more detailed description of the particular product. This means that the individual items in a product listing should be hyperlinked. Classified website templates for individual description pages can have an area for the display of an image of the product as well as description. Ebay auction templates can also include price bidding information for each product.

Classified Ad Website Template – File Format and Scripts

Design templates for ads websites are available in various file formats.

Let’s review some classified ad website template file formats. Some of the template file types listed below work in combination to create an ads website.

  • HTML File – These files contain the HTML source code of a website. The HTML code in a template can reference images. You can design an entire ad website with plain HTML classified templates.
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for Ads Presentation Style – CSS files specify the presentation style of ads such as text colour, background colour and borders. CSS can be used to create specially highlighted ads. HTML and CSS is used in combination in a classified ad website template.
  • JavaScript – This is a client-side scripting language that is used for implementing actions such as drop down list menu options, mouseover events and search form input validation. The HTML template code refers to a corresponding JavaScript.
  • PHP Scripts – PHP is a server-side web programming language that can be used for conditional programming. Many Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress are based on PHP. A WordPress classifieds template includes PHP code for the display of ads in a websites. The template can use an ads database to display product listings and individual pages. Dynamic ads websites with thousands of ads can use PHP script for displaying the ads data according to search terms.

Download Classified Ads Template for Your Website from

If you are new to scripting and HTML code or have to put up your ads website soon, then you can use an ads template to implement the design and various functionalities.

For buyers and sellers to favour your website for their ads, your classifieds website should be well-designed, organised and user-friendly. That’s why it’s important to use templates from expert providers such as

When you download a classified ads template from, you can be assured of a professional, standards-compliant website design.

Whether your website is for buying and selling of cars, real-estate, electronic goods or any other product type, you can find an appropriate template for your needs. The templates implement designs and code for search forms, product listing and item description pages. You can also find WordPress classifieds template designs with PHP scripts at this site.

You can choose to customise the downloaded template yourself with unique data for your website. Alternatively, you can opt for the customisation services provided by this site.

Do explore the comprehensive selection of classified templates at now for your ads website.