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Professional dating agency

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electronic website templates

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communication web template

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musical store

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4 templates found,Page 1 of 1 Pages

Improve Website Navigation with Drop down Menu Templates

Drop down menu templates can help website designers and developers create user-friendly and structured navigation in websites.

Using Drop down menu templates, you can design your website in such a way that topics and subtopics can be reached by menu options and drop down sub menu options.

If you are planning to launch a website that has comprehensive content which needs to be grouped under topics and subtopics, it is necessary to have an easy-to-use and uncluttered navigation system using drop down menus.

Are you looking for drop down menu templates which are aesthetic and professionally designed for your website navigation? Do you want more information on the content and advantages of such templates and on downloading them from the Internet?

If yes, then read on to know all about drop down menu templates. You can also find out about CSS drop down menu templates.

A Primer to Drop Down Menus and Website Navigation

While presenting information on a website, it is necessary to plan the content structure. Information should be chunked together under topics and subtopics so that they are easy to find.

We have commonly seen company websites with menu bars having standard menu options such as About Us, Products, Services and Contact Us. Many websites further divide the About Us section content into subtopics such as Company History, Mission and Vision, Board of Directors and World Wide Locations. The subtopics can be shown on the website in the form of a drop down menu.

Drop down menu templates can help you with the design and implementation of such menus easily and make your website look more user-friendly.

If you have a site with multiple levels of submenus, the best way to implement such a navigation system is through drop down menus. Otherwise, the alternative would be to display a separate set of menus on the main page of the section such as About Us. This is inconvenient as the user is not able to easily access a particular subtopic.

Contents of Drop down Menu Templates

Drop down menus are created in websites using a combination of HyperText Markup Language (HTML), JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Templates with drop down menu can consist of a combination of these three types of files.

Lets review how HTML, Javascript and CSS work to create drop down menus.

  • HTML We know that HTML is the language with which webpages are created. The HTML source code of a website in an .html file can be used with JavaScript or CSS to create drop down menus. In fact, the simplest scrollable drop down menu list can be created by the HTML select tag. For more sophisticated menus and multiple levels of menu options, it may be necessary to use JavaScript.
  • JavaScript This client-side scripting language is useful for creating drop down menus and handling events such as mouse-overs and mouse-clicks. For example, if a drop down menu has to appear when the mouse is over a particular option, JavaScript can be used to implement this action. The onmouseover attribute of a webpage object can be used to initiate the JavaScript option. Javascript code or functions are stored in a separate .js file.
  • CSS A CSS file or style sheet is used to control the presentation aspects of a drop down menu. A typical style sheet would be stored as a styles.css file. The style sheet has specifications for the presentation of elements in a webpage such as background colour, font type, and font size.

Drop down menu templates may contain HTML, Javascript and CSS files or may include a combination of these files.

You can also consider pure design templates for the menus and implement them as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

CSS Drop Down Menu Templates

Heres a summary of some features of CSS drop down menu templates.

  • Separation of Presentation and Content According to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), it has been recommended that the content or data and the presentation style of such content be kept separate. This enables centralised control of style of drop down menus and makes it easy to change the look and feel of website elements such as menus. CSS drop down menu templates can specify the presentation of a drop down menu.
  • Control of Menu Options Style CSS files can define style aspects of menu options such as background colour, font type, font size and link colours.
  • Classes and Ids Sections of a website are referred to by the HTML tag. The menu bar and drop down menus can also be under individual tags. CSS files can refer to a menu and drop down menu divisions by using the class and id attributes of the particular division. This way, the style for a class or id can be specified in the CSS file.

It is possible for templates with drop down menu to create menus using only CSS and HTML without using any JavaScript.

Advantages of Using Drop down Menu Website Templates

Lets summarise why you should use drop down menu website templates.

  • Readymade Drop down Menu Design If you lack time or resources, templates can help you implement drop down menus in no time at all.
  • Professional Design Drop down menu website templates developed by professionals take care of aspects such as usability and standards compliance of code. Flawless Javascript can be especially helpful for such menus.
  • Aesthetic Menu Design Well-designed drop down menu templates can help you to improve the look of your website menu options.

Before downloading drop down menu website templates from the Internet, make sure of your site navigational structure including levels of drop down menus required. has drop down menu templates for all types of website layouts. You can select the template whose look and feel is most compatible with your website. The templates can be downloaded and customised or you can opt for customisation services.

The site allows you to download a free drop down menu templates sample so that you can take a look at the design quality. subscribers can access the entire range of templates provided at the site.

With, you can be sure of standards-compliant code and professionally-designed templates.