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Flash Photo Gallery Templates
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Personal portfolio

Template ID: phot990
Product Type: Flash Photo Gallery
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Alonso vision

Template ID: phot1039
Product Type: Flash Photo Gallery
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Photo Portfolio

Template ID: phot1067
Product Type: Flash Photo Gallery
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

New Modern Design

Template ID: phot1107
Product Type: Flash Photo Gallery
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Car company

Template ID: phot1034
Product Type: Flash Photo Gallery
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

5 templates found,Page 1 of 1 Pages

Make Web Photo Slideshow with Flash Photo Gallery Templates

Flash photo gallery templates are invaluable in creating interactive image slideshows and galleries for use on websites.

You may be an artist in need an online photo gallery to showcase your design portfolio. Or you may need to create a web presentation using tourist spot photographs. It may also be the case that you just want to view the photos of your new-born grandchild in the form of a slide-show!

From creating feature-rich, interactive photo presentations, to putting together home slideshows, Flash photo gallery templates can work wonders in giving you a hand in creating all such image galleries.

Read on to know about using Flash photo gallery templates for making photo galleries for websites. In this article, we will also look at the features of Flash templates for photo galleries and some websites from where you can download these templates.

Introducing Flash Photo Gallery Templates

An online photo gallery is the digital version of traditional photo albums with features associated with interactive online multimedia environments.

We frequently come across photo galleries on the web. They can be simple with a series of clickable thumbnail images or can be more feature-rich, with interactive slideshows, comments and sound.

Flash templates for photo galleries are image gallery designs, which you can customise to create your own high-quality photo galleries on websites.

Adobe Flash is the multimedia creation software used to create these templates.

Some uses for photo or image galleries on the Internet created from Flash photo gallery templates are:

  • Viewing Personal Photos The Internet has made it possible for friends and relatives to upload personal photographs on websites. These photos can be compiled in the form of a photo gallery or online photo album.
  • Showcasing Professional Portfolios If you are a designer or artist, you can create an image gallery or slideshow containing your work.
  • Tourism Presentations You can offer information about tourist attractions with breathtaking photos and descriptions.
  • Police Image Galleries Police have used online photo galleries to post pictures of wanted criminals, so that the public can identify them and notify the police.

Adobe Flash Software for Creating Flash Photo Gallery Templates

Adobe Flash is software which specialises in creating animations, videos and other multimedia files.

Flash source files have a .FLA extension in their filename. FLA files are editable.

Flash photo gallery templates are FLA files.

The FLA files are converted into a non-editable file format called Flash movie or Shockwave object to be displayed in web browsers and the stand-alone Flash Player. The Flash object file has a .swf extension.

Advantages of using Flash Photo Gallery Website Templates

Thinking of displaying a visually stunning photo gallery on your website? Using Flash templates is a quick and easy way to create one.

Some reasons why you should use Flash photo gallery website templates are:

  • Professional Flash Templates If you dont have the time or experienced designers to build a Flash application from scratch, then professional Flash photo gallery website templates can help you create well-designed interactive photo galleries for your website.
  • Cross Browser Uniform Display Flash objects display uniformly across all browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Adobe itself provides browser plug-ins or Flash Player for web browsers. In a photo gallery template using HTML and Javascript, you will have to check browser compatibility.
  • Popularity of Flash With Flash, users have come to expect multimedia-rich content, with a fun and smooth interface. According to Adobe, Flash Player is available in 99% of computers in countries such as US, UK, Canada and Japan. You can tap this popularity of Flash-based applications by using Flash photo gallery website templates.
  • Stand-alone Display While photo galleries created using HTML and Javascript can only be displayed in browsers, you can use Flash photo gallery templates in the stand-alone Flash player on your desktop as well.
  • Feature-rich Slideshows You can include features in Flash photo galleries such as creative graphical buttons, photo fade effects, slowing or speeding up the slide show and background sounds. You can also display images dynamically instead of packaging it with the Flash object file.

Important Features of Photo Gallery Flash Templates

Lets take a look at some typical features that photo galleries created using photo gallery Flash templates would provide:

  • Pre-loader This is a short graphical display which indicates to the viewer that the Flash object components are being loaded. While waiting for images and other data to load, the Flash object can show some a progress bar with the text loading. Other creative light graphics can also be used.
  • Photo Display Area Photo gallery Flash templates would create an area where the images will be displayed. This can be a simple rectangular section or can be innovatively merged with other graphics.
  • Interactive or Navigational Elements Photo gallery flash templates provide graphical menu buttons and image map interaction for navigation. Navigation elements can be used to move to the next photograph, speed up slideshow presentation or to view information for a photo.
  • Thumbnails Display Smaller versions of images are known as thumbnails. Display of thumbnails enables users to directly move to a particular photo in the gallery by clicking on the thumbnail.
  • Text Description Area A section devoted to text descriptions for individual photos is usually provided in photo gallery templates.

According to web accessibility guidelines, text labels should be included for menu buttons as well as text descriptions for photographs in a web photo gallery.

Flash web photo gallery templates may use an XML file to specify image locations.

Downloading Flash Photo Gallery Templates from

You can find many Internet resources where you can download templates to create Flash photo galleries. is a provider of a variety of Flash templates for photo galleries to be installed on websites. The templates are designed by professionals and support all features required in Flash photo galleries.

You can download Flash templates for photo gallery from and make necessary customisation. You can also avail of customisation services offered for members.

Subscribe today to membership and get access to professionally-designed high-quality Flash photo gallery templates.