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For cattle farm

Template ID: agri1719
Product Type: Full Websites
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Dance club css templates

Template ID: ente1406
Product Type: Full Websites
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

For hosting company

Template ID: host784
Product Type: Full Websites
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Software company templates

Template ID: soft1256
Product Type: Full Websites
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Health family

Template ID: heal1423
Product Type: Full Websites
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Transport templates

Template ID: tran1542
Product Type: Full Websites
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

For dental clinic

Template ID: dent1819
Product Type: Full Websites
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

IT communication templates

Template ID: comm1796
Product Type: Full Websites
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

For communication company

Template ID: comm1802
Product Type: Full Websites
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Dental treatment

Template ID: dent1807
Product Type: Full Websites
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Dental clinic templates

Template ID: dent1820
Product Type: Full Websites
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

world class communication

Template ID: comm1779
Product Type: Full Websites
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

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Full Website Templates Designing the Entire Website

Professionally-designed full website templates provide us with a ready-made base with which we can build our entire websites.

All the layout structures and style specifications are already implemented in the full website templates for all the webpages belonging to a site.

We can add to the base templates by including custom elements and content. We can also make changes to create custom templates.

Full website templates offer the ability to create a consistent look and feel for all the webpages. They usually come in a package with templates for standard webpages such as Home page, About Us, Products and Services and the Contact Us pages.

Heres a guide to full website templates, and their various components. Learn about the different kinds of files included in such templates and how to work with them. Well also look at premier providers of complete website templates such as

What are Full Website Templates?

A website template is a blueprint or design with a set layout, style and webpage elements. It is used as a base from which webpages can be created by adding custom content such as text and images.

Full website templates are a package of templates meant to be used for creating a single website. They may also contain templates for webpage elements such as banner ads.

All the templates that a typical website needs are provided as a cohesive package.

What Types of Webpages can Complete Website Templates Create?

Some of the standard webpage templates that are included in a complete website templates package can be:

  • Home Page This is the main landing page for all websites. It functions as an introductory page and as a guide to the rest of the website. The home page template can have a prominent graphic, associated text and a navigation bar.
  • About Us This webpage provides information about the website owner. This may be an individual, company or even other entities such as educational institutes.
  • Products and Services In websites for companies, the products page describes the products range or services details provided by the business. Templates may implement this page with a product listing, hyperlinked to individual product description pages.
  • Contact Us This page provides contact details such as office locations, telephone numbers and emai addresses. Some templates may also have contact forms.

These are the most common pages included in full website templates packages. There may be other page template types for search forms and registration forms.

Full templates for blogs contain a home page with blog post listings, about the author page, individual post, comments display and forms for submitting comments.

Why We Should Use Full Website Templates

Lets look at some advantages of complete website templates.

  • Consistent Look and Feel Using a single web package of templates to create the entire website will ensure consistency in look and feel. The header and footer areas will be common and the same colour palette will be used in all the pages.
  • One-stop shop for templates The required templates for all the webpages in a site are available from a single source. You dont need to search for individual templates for each webpage.
  • Ease of Use All the templates would use common image folders and would be set up to work together. This makes it easier to develop a unified website with cohesively-designed webpages.

Using Readymade Full HTML Website Templates

Websites are developed using HyperText Markup Language or HTML code. Every webpage is a file containing HTML source code. Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox read this code and display webpages accordingly.

Full HTML website templates enable you to create all the webpages without knowing HTML. All you have to do is open the HTML template file in a website development software tool such as Microsoft FrontPage and customise the file. Your complete website is then ready to be launched!

HTML code has to be compliant with standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It is important to use professionally-designed full HTML website templates so that your website is standards-compliant.

Controlling Style with Full CSS Website Templates

According to standards set by the W3C, the content and style in a website should be defined separately. While HTML files contain the source code and content, the style attributes of various website elements are controlled by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Full CSS website templates are used to control style specifications throughout the website in all webpages. A typical style sheet is named style.css. There can be more than one style sheet. These style sheets are referred to by the HTML code of a particular webpage.

Full CSS website templates are model style sheets that specify aspects for the entire website such as background colours, font types for headers and content and link text colours.

If you want to make changes to the colour palette of your website, you dont have edit each and every page. You can just make changes to the style sheet and the changes take effect in your entire website.

Adding Splash Screens using Full Screen Flash Website Templates

Some websites use an introductory splash screen or Flash introductory page which shows animations or visual effects. These splash screens are used for showing the creative aspects of a company or artist. They can also be used for advertising features and products. These pages can display in the full-screen mode.

Full screen Flash website templates can be used to create such splash screens for your website. These templates are in the form of .FLA files and can be edited by the Adobe Flash software.

Make sure to include a skip intro link in the splash screen when editing the full screen flash website templates.

Downloading Full Website Templates from the Internet

You can download complete template packages for a website from the Internet. These cater to various types of websites.

One such comprehensive provider of complete website templates is This site has template packages which provide five standard webpages for a single website. Full screen website templates for splash pages are also available.

The complete website packages available at have templates that are professionally designed and are W3C standards compliant.

Aesthetic design and the vast variety of templates for various website categories distinguish this site as a premier web template provider. You can download a free sample template to get a feel of the quality.

Do browse through the selection of full website templates at this site and create an entire website easily!