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business web templates

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technology templates

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business templates

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plican exotic birds

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Professional online consultation

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maze consulting

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Design studio

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Garden resort

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herbal medicine

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medical clinic

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10 templates found,Page 1 of 1 Pages

All about HTML5 Templates for Websites

HTML5 templates for the web can help you build websites conforming to the latest HTML specification.

As the name indicates, this is the fifth version of the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) which is used to build websites. After HTML4 and eXtensible HTML (XHTML), this is the latest standard specified by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Although the specifications of HTML5 have not been fully finalised, features of HTML5 are already being implemented in various browsers

Lets get to know some features of the new HTML version and see how HTML5 templates can be used to build websites conforming to the new specification. Well also find out about leading providers of HTML5 website templates for download such as

Introducing HTML5

All websites are built using HTML code. Most browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox allow you to see the source code of webpages. If you are totally new to HTML, you can take a look at the source code of websites to get an idea of what it looks like

The latest web specification is HTML5. The support for HTML5 features varies according to the browser.

Lets look at some features of HTML5 specification

  • Specifications Development - During the prevalence of HTML 4 and XHTML, three companies Apple, Mozilla and Opera decided to work on creating an upgraded version, the HTML5, and formed a group called the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG). The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) also decided to work in collaboration with the group to develop HTML5.
  • New HTML tags HTML5 has introduced more tags compared to HTML4. Now you can specify webpage elements such as video and audio using more specific tags
  • Device compatibility HTML5 websites and applications can work on the computer and on mobile devices such as iPhone.

Getting to Know HTML5 Templates for the Web

Web templates are pre-designed blueprints or models which you can use a base to build your own websites.

HTML5 web templates are built according to the latest web standard specifications.

HTML5 is still being developed and is not final. However many browsers and web applications support HTML5 features. For example, Google has used HTML5 in features of its email service, Gmail.

If you are not well-versed with HTML5, yet want to be future ready, you can use ready-made HTML5 templates for your websites.

As all the hard-work is already done for you in these templates, you just need to include your custom data and create your own webpage.

There are many resources on the Internet offering HTML5 templates for download.

How to Work with HTML5 Website Templates?

Heres a guide to using HTML5 website templates to build your site.

  • Download Select and download templates conforming to HTML5 from the Internet. Make sure that the template has the layout and design that you require by previewing it. Remember that HTML5 features are not fully implemented in browsers. So, youll have to check from the provider what browsers support the template functionality or check the display manually.
  • Customise Templates contain generic images and text. You need to customise the template by replacing the generic data with your own content. To edit the templates, you can open it in a HTML editor such as Microsoft Expression Web. Microsoft FrontPage, an older but popular HTML editor, may not support new tags that are used in HTML5. Some template providers such as offer customisation services for downloaded templates.
  • Save, Preview and Launch After editing the HTML5 templates, you can test the display in browsers. As the standard is not a final one, many browsers may not support all the features of HTML5 yet. For example, the method of displaying videos in HTML5 is supported only from Internet Explorer 9. Firefox offers support for HTML video elements from version 3.6. If your newly created webpage functions as per requirement, go ahead and launch it!

HTML5 Photography Templates A Closer Look at Template Files

What better way to learn than to learn by example! Lets quickly take a closer look at sample website HTML5 photography templates to see how it works. Assuming the website has an online gallery for portfolio display of the works of photographers, some of the components of such a template include:

  • HTML5 File This template file would contain the website source code in HTML5. It will also specify layout and reference style sheets. The files can have an extension of .html or .htm.
  • Cascading Style Sheets or CSS3 HTML5 works with the latest version of CSS, that is CSS3. Style sheets specify the presentation style attributes of webpage elements such as background colour, font types and link colours. Style sheets have a .css extension.
  • JavaScript This is a scripting language which implements conditional programming in websites. JavaScript can be used to implement webpage elements such as drop down menus. HTML5 photography templates can also build an online photo gallery using JavaScript. JavaScript files has a .js extension.
  • Flash Object A presentation can be created for the online photo gallery using Adobe Flash software. This software creates Flash movie object in the form of a .swf file. The SWF file can be displayed in websites using the object tag. HTML5 includes some global attributes for the object tag such as options for making the object editable.

HTML5 specifications are working towards displaying Flash objects and videos without using any plug-ins. Videos can currently be specified in HTML5 templates using the 'video' tag. However, the browser support is currently limited.

Downloading HTML5 Layout Templates for Websites is a comprehensive resource for cutting-edge HTML5 web templates for a variety of categories.

The templates have been developed by experienced web design professionals who constantly update their knowledge with the latest cutting edge web technologies.

You can browse through the template selection at and select as per your website design requirement. Premium subscribers can access the complete range of templates at the site. provides a free HTML5 sample template so that you can get an idea of how it works. You can edit downloaded templates on your own or avail of the customisation service feature offered.

Wait no longer! Download professionally-designed HTML5 templates for websites from!