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If you are planning to put up a website, ready-to-use web templates are a great alternative to establishing a strong online presence in less time and at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay a professional web designer.

At buytemplates,net, we offer a comprehensive selection of the finest web templates at the best possible prices. We also provide a host of related services such as design customization, adding functionalities, hosting, promotion and full-fledged website maintenance. Everything you need for a high quality website can be found here at buytemplates.net – your one-stop shop for all your website requirements.

What’s more,sign-up for our template membership program and enjoy unlimited access to our complete library of existing and upcoming templates at no additional cost.

Get instant access to:
1000+ premium quality web templates, banners, PPT, emailers, flash templates
100+ five-page full website templates
100+ full flash website templates
150+ flash header templates
850+ CSS/XHTML templates
120+ Web 2.0 templates
150+ Joomla, Wordpress/blog, adsense, osCommerce, eBay auction, .Mobi templates
New templates regularly added!!

Our template membership also entitles you to download up to 10 templates daily. You get royalty-free non-exclusive rights to use the templates for you or your clients’ design projects. However, you will not have the rights to resell, distribute, lease, sublease, license or sub-license the templates to any third party.

As a member, you will also have access to the PSD, HTML/CSS and .FLA source files used to design the website templates displayed in the library. You can subsequently edit the files using any popular HTML editors such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Go Live, to name a few. There is no per template download fee. You pay a one- time fee based on the membership package you have chosen and then you can use all the web templates and accessories in the members-only area. For as low as $49.00, you gain access to 10 templates for one week. For $69.00, you access to 1000 plus normal category templates for six months. For $99 Premium membership you will get access to all the templates in our gallery and future additions as well

Our template membership program is easy to join. Once you register your account with us and subscribe to the package of your choice, you can preview and download any of our numerous professionally-designed web templates in no time. You can easily create a user-friendly, accessible and search-engine optimized website within minutes.

So, what’s keeping you? Sign-up now and get instant access to one of the biggest web template membership site online – www.buytemplates.net.

Buytemplates.net Brings a New Level of Excitement to Mobile Websites with .Mobi Templates

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As the number of internet-ready mobile phones and PDAs continues to outpace the number of personal computers, the creation of .mobi (mobile) websites is becoming more and more vital with web usage on these mobile devices steadily increasing. A .Mobi website is specifically optimized for mobile phones. The .Mobi domain name serves as a trustmark that conveys to .Mobi users that the site works on mobile phones and provides relevant content to mobile context.

According to Google, .Mobi is set to become the .com of the mobile internet and no business should underestimate the potential of having a .Mobi website. If you are in business, your .Mobi website can be your vehicle to reach a new massive audience – the mobile phone users. Imagine, anyone with mobile internet access from anywhere can be your potential customer.

A .mobi website is also intended to deliver only the most relevant content and information to mobile internet users, saving them valuable time and money. .Mobi websites conform to guidelines as set in the mTLD’s (the official registry operator for the .Mobi domain name) ‘Switch On Style Guides’. These guidelines contain a mix of mandatory and recommended best practices for developing mobile content and services.

For you who want to ride on the .Mobi revolution, you can now get a pre- or custom-designed .Mobi-compliant website easily at an affordable price at buytemplates.net. You can choose from our wide array of .Mobi template categories. We offer easy to load and navigate Mobi templates optimized for the limited screens of mobile phones and PDAs and designed for short download times and limited scrolling.

If you need some changes done on a .Mobi template to suit your requirements, our customization team will do the job for you – from changes in layout to color schemes and images, all for a minimal fee. Additionally, we offer maintenance services which cover everything from adding and updating content, adding new functionalities, managing hosting, and web promotion at a reasonable monthly rate.

Salient Features of eBay Templates at buytemplates.net

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In the highly competitive eBay marketplace, having a distinct and well-designed auction with clearly defined information is the key to success. A professional-looking and visually pleasing design will surely capture customer interest, increase buyer confidence and trust and help sell products and services more effectively.

At buytemplates.net, we make your auction stand out from the crowd. We have collaborated with professional designers to create eBay templates that will help you build a strong brand identity as well as enhance buyer shopping experience. We offer ready-made eBay templates as well as custom-made templates which can incorporate your business logo and pertinent details along with a look and feel consistent to your corporate identity.

We give your eBay business a professional design. We know that the best auction start with a well-presented eBay listing. A stylish and clean layout can have a striking impression on potential customers and even make them prefer your products and services to your competitors.

Our eBay templates also offer special features such as:
store categories that are dynamically updated so your visitors will always see your latest store categories
perfect color and style combinations
accommodate multiple product images as you need
edit templates for content insertion using any of the popular HTMLeditors
upload edited templates in your web server
optional Flash content to add visual impact
easy navigation and information searches for customers
clearly laid-out information – payment, shipping terms, pricing, item description and return policy

At buytemplates.net, we provide other related services including design customization, web hosting, web promotion and full-fledged maintenance services at very affordable rates. You can even avail of our web services even if you purchase your eBay template from another web template provider.

So, get started and consider our easy to use and professionally-designed eBay templates created to complement eBay’s category structure and boost your sales.

Get your templates customized the way you want!!

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Customizing your website template is the process of changing it according to your specific requirements. At buytemplates.net you can add text, images, colors, size, scripts and flash animation. Anything you want can be ordered and brought to life by our team of professional designers.

Buytemplates.net can help you make changes to any pre-designed template on their website. Their template design customization can help you in any way you need. Just pick the template you like and for just $299 we will customize it for you in any way you want. This includes the total design including home page navigation, content page, color scheme change and simple layout changes to meet your specific requirements.

This is a very affordable rate to customize your template to your specific requirements. You can get your templates customized even if you haven’t purchased them from us. You get two free content insertion pages for the price of your customization package. Your fee also comes with 24/7 chat, email and telephone support. So why not get a customized template today designed specifically for the content you provide.

For the low price of $299 our experts can incorporate content into whatever template you choose. They ensure your content is added in a readable manner that gives your website a professional look and helps add to the overall usability of the website. The price of $299 is for up to ten pages of content insertion including the homepage. The price includes the free integration of attractive marketing buttons and you are guaranteed to have the process completed within two working days. Nowhere else can you get this good of service for just $299, so contact us today or visit our website to see how we can help you improve the look of your business website today.