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eBay auction templates
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Jewellery shop

Template ID: busi959
Product Type: eBay auction templates
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

For fashion website

Template ID: beau943
Product Type: eBay auction templates
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

mobile store

Template ID: busi949
Product Type: eBay auction templates
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

musical store

Template ID: ente954
Product Type: eBay auction templates
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Real estate website for you

Template ID: real904
Product Type: eBay auction templates
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

camera collections website

Template ID: busi900
Product Type: eBay auction templates
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Jewel store templates

Template ID: busi901
Product Type: eBay auction templates
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Auto spares website

Template ID: auto899
Product Type: eBay auction templates
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Kids toys shop

Template ID: chil866
Product Type: eBay auction templates
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

beauty therapy

Template ID: beau859
Product Type: eBay auction templates
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Book stores Templates

Template ID: educ871
Product Type: eBay auction templates
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

Musical store templates

Template ID: ente865
Product Type: eBay auction templates
Customize: PSD, HTML, FLA

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Design unique eBay Store Website with eBay Templates

Effective eBay templates for eBay stores can help sellers in marketing their products better in the hugely popular online virtual bazaar at

Sellers who have joined eBay and have set up their eBay store need to distinguish themselves from the hundreds of other competing sellers. This can be done by using unique eBay store webpages for their business and products. Professional eBay templates which can showcase sellers products more attractively can help drive up their sales.

One way to attract buyers is to offer quality products at competitive prices. However, in order to make online buyers at eBay aware of your business and products, it is essential to promote or market your brand and products. Such marketing can be done by unique eBay store fronts or webpages and by email marketing.

Read on to find out about eBay Store websites and listings. The emphasis of the information is on using eBay templates to create eBay store websites or home pages which can be of maximum impact to buyers. This would, in turn, increase sales. Also look at sites such as offering eBay store templates for download.

eBay Introducing the Great Online Bazaar

eBay is a big online virtual bazaar where you can buy and sell just about anything under the sun. Sellers can be individuals as well as companies aspiring to take advantage of the hugely popular online shopping platform.

Sellers can sign up with eBay to list their products for sale. They can also opt to create an eBay store home page using eBay templates to provide a better online shopping experience and drive sales.

Buyers love the convenience of online shopping that eBay offers as well the ability to bid on products offered under auction.

Some features of eBay product listing are:

  • Category - Products on sale in eBay are grouped under various categories such as Fashion, Electronics, Antiques etc.
  • Listing Information - Products in a category are displayed in the form of listings which show a list of products with information such as images, title, price. The product may be sold under auction or for fixed price.
  • Product Information - The individual product information page gives details such as features, reviews, bid details in case of an auction listing, description and seller information.
  • Product description Page - A customised product description page provided by the seller can also be displayed. In case, the seller has an eBay store, links to the eBay store webpage are also given.

Using eBay Templates for eBay Store Website Design

High volume sellers have the option of opening a dedicated online eBay store for their products. Currently, eBay allows sellers with monthly sales of more than fifty to open eBay stores.

By signing up to open an eBay store, a seller can create an exclusive home page just for the sellers products.

The products listed by the seller appear both on the general eBay listing as well on the seller eBay store listing.

While the eBay interface does provide standard layouts and online tools to create custom web pages, it also accepts unique home pages created by the seller using html.

Sellers can utilise professionally-designed templates for eBay from reputed providers to create eBay shop websites and showcase their products.

Some advantages of using eBay templates to create an eBay store website are:

  • Helping Products and Sellers to be Distinctive - Using professionally designed templates to create unique eBay shop websites can help a business stand out amongst a plethora of similar-looking eBay stores.
  • Promotion of Brand By having store web pages designed from professional templates for eBay, sellers would be able to build and promote their brand online. Since all the products sold by the seller would be available on the eBay store, a buyer would be better aware of seller information and rating, as well the products put on the market by the seller. Custom eBay websites also allow decreasing the size of the eBay header, giving more emphasis to the seller logo.
  • Increased Sales Design of special areas such as special promotions and deals using effective eBay templates can lead to increased sales. Special templates for email marketing campaigns can also help in attracting buyers.
  • Special Listing and Product Description Pages The sellers can also create their own product listing and product description pages using a picture gallery or slideshow. eBay listing templates can provide designs that showcase products and features attractively.

The very fact that eBay stores get separate website addresses helps in attracting buyers and thus potentially increasing sales.

Components of eBay Store Templates

Heres a summary of standard elements that eBay store templates can contain.

  • Header The templates can have a header area which displays important information regarding the seller such as logo, contact address and special deals.
  • Categories List Typically, a categories list containing the categories under which products are sold by the seller is displayed in the left side of the web page. Some templates may implement this in the form of a drop down list or menu.
  • Product Listing Listings and product description pages can be implemented using image thumbnails of products, price and product title by eBay templates. Information regarding listing type such as auction or fixed price can also be included. An auction product listing template will have bid details on the webpage.
  • Special Discount Deals or Promotional Sections The templates should create attractive sections where special deals and promotions can be announced. This can also be done in the form of image banners or an animated gif.
  • About the Seller Page The templates should include background information regarding the seller.

Downloading eBay Design Templates from

There are many internet resources for downloading eBay design templates. stands out with its sheer variety of templates having effective designs and catering to a variety of categories.

You can download professionally-developed templates for eBay from Sellers with eBay stores can download the eBay templates and quickly set up an eBay store website by including their own data. Customisation services are also offered by the site. You can download a free eBay sample template to get a taste of the quality.

Wait no longer! Choose the very best eBay templates for your eBay store website from now!